EduKatt has been born!

We’re proud to announce our gamified education app, which will be targeted at junior high school pupilsĀ  and their teachers. Our goal is to create an companion app that can be used as a supplement to the normal course run, as well as an internal motivator for the kids to learn new things.


We assume that close to everyone in junior high owns a smartphone that they love and use extensivly, but the traditional school system doesn’t allow use while in class. If we flip this old fashioned mentality by integrating smartphones in education, we believe that we can make school more fun through anĀ  acheivement- and reward-based app.

Our vision is to make syllabus more accessible and interesting and rewarding to read through interactive PDFs, and quizes to measure learning. We want t give incentive to meet up at school, and to further digitalize the educational system.